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Dead Zed 2 Unblocked

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In fact, Dead Zed 2 is the most popular edition of the awesome zombie-shooter which is now available at our website. The storyline is absolutely the same as previous version - one day you woke up and all dead people are back to life as undead. Now crowds of zombies are coming to eat brain of the last survivals. Now your life depends on your shooting skills. You have a pistol with unlimited ammo, but this gun is not accurate and rather weak - it will help you to overcome the first several waves of zombies, but when you progress, the number of undead will increase and new weapon will be needed. As soon as you complete one wave of zombies, you are given points to spend on finding mission. You can try to locate other survivals on the map and make them work for you. For example you can assign task to each of them, some of them are better at reloading your weapon. Discover new weapons, kill zombies and just have fun with the Dead Zed 2 Unblocked.