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Dead Zed Unblocked

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Welcome to DeadZedUnblocked.com - a place where you can play all versions of the Dead Zed game series for free. Just like any other game about zombies, this one has a simple plot : You wake up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The broadcast said that you have to hold up for at least 40 days to be rescued. Your resources are limited, you are running out of weapons and supplies, so the only way to survive is to kill the undead for the following 40 days. The whole game is divided into waves of zombies - every time you destroy a new wave, you are given special points, which you can spend by sending a team of survivors to find new weapons or other people who survived in a zombie apocalypse. Sometimes, your team will discover the weapons, but some places are dangerous, they might be killed during another mission. You should also keep in mind, that as you progress in the Dead Zed Unblocked, the waves of zombies are becoming more and more stronger and bigger. New type of zombies are much faster and more stronger, so you will need powerful weapons to eliminate them.

There are several major weapons in the game, all of them differ from each other by power and accuracy. Some of the weapons may be accurate but require long time to reload, while others can be used to kill a lot of zombies at a time. You should also keep in mind that the best way to kill zombie is to make a headshot. I am sure that you will enjoy the Dead Zed as well as other versions of the game. Have Fun with us.